Top 15 Michigan Summer Fun Spots...


In the spirit of celebration for these warmer months, I want to share with you some of our area’s TOP spots to the links for more info...

In no particular order:

  1. Stoney Creek...Canoeing, Kayaking, running, hiking, biking, golf, water slides, paddle boating, swimming, and one of my favorites...Paddle Boarding. My daughter and I rent the paddle boards once every summer. So. Much. Fun! 

  2. Erma’s... The first time we went to Erma’s was on a Monday at 3pm...and the place was PACKED! You will not be disappointed. You must, you must, you must!

  3. Paint Creek Trail...Once a summer we would bike up to The Paint Creek Mill, get the kids ice cream...and bike home. The biking trails in Michigan are nearly endless. Check out Rails to Trails Conservancy.

  4. Sleeping Bear Dunes...this is more than a day trip...but it is worth every second. Hike the sand dunes, drive the scenic route, and take a ton of pictures. MOOmer’s Ice Cream, rated #1 on GMA a few years back, is also a must when you're out this way.

  5. Mackinac Island...I haven’t been yet, but everyone here says it is a MUST!

  6. Visit our gorgeous lakes! Whether the Great Lakes, or our crystal clear inland lakes such as Lake Ann, Higgins Lake, Burt Lake, Green Lake...these places are so amazingly beautiful! And, the surrounding towns are quaint and charming. 

  7. Greenfield Village is a great place for family will feel like you just stepped back in time with early Americana baseball games, outdoor activities, and loads of educational fun. 

  8. The Detroit Zoo...there are always activities and events happening here, in addition to the Zoo itself.

  9. Eastern Market Flower Day...May 20...Purchase your summer plants at a great price here...or just walk around, get a bite to eat, and take in all of the beauty . 

  10. Up, when we moved here we couldn't understand why everyone was always talking about going ‘Up North’ on the weekends.’s the deal...'Up North' has different meanings for different people, as stated in the linked article. For us it means anywhere about 30 miles north of where you currently are; usually a waterfront property. Stars are brighter, the pace is slower, and a bathing suit and sweatshirt is about all you will need. Up North you'll be sure catch your breath, roast some marshmallows, make amazing memories, and RELAX!

  11. TIGER’s Games...If you’re not a Tiger’s fan now, you might become one after going to a game!

  12. Heavner Canoe and Kayak...One of my FAV memories was kayaking from Milford to Kensington Metro Park one July 4th weekend. Cannot wait to get back out there.

  13. Music In the music every Thursday in Rochester, starting June 15th.

  14. Borden Park Festival of the Hills (Fireworks!)...Wednesday, June 27th this summer. This is definitely one of our family favorites!

  15. Romeo Peach Festival...check this out over Labor Day sure to catch the parade.

To be honest, some of my favorite summer activities are the simple things: dinner outside with friends, backyard fires, badminton, working in the yard, listening to the kids play flashlight freeze tag until 11 pm, the incredibly green grass, the glorious Michigan landscapes, and the gift of 18 hours of light.

What are your favorite Michigan summer memories, activities and places? 

Jenn Batey